The Santa Ysabel Tribal Gaming Commission was established in September 2004, upon enactment of the Santa Ysabel Tribal Gaming Ordinance. The Santa Ysabel Gaming Commission is responsible for enforcing the Tribe’s Gaming Commission Regulations to ensure the integrity of gaming and the protection of the Tribe’s gambling establishments, casino patrons, and employees. The Gaming Commission is a regulatory agency independent of the Tribe’s gambling establishments.

The Santa Ysabel Gaming Commission ensures regulatory compliance with all National Indian Gaming Commission regulations pursuant to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, and compliance with the terms of the Tribal-State Gaming Compact as negotiated between the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel and the State of California. The Gaming Commission ensures that the Tribe’s gambling establishments are in compliance with Tribal Minimum Internal Control Standards, Casino Internal Control Standards, and Casino Policies and Procedures.

The Santa Ysabel Gaming Commission Backgrounds Department oversees the processing of all applications for Santa Ysabel Gaming Commission-issued Gaming Licenses for all prospective casino employees, gaming resource suppliers, and vendors conducting business with the Tribe’s gambling establishments. This process includes a thorough background investigation of each individual and/or company including enforcing accuracy and suitability on each application. In addition, the department maintains a database of current and past license holders and works with individuals seeking to renew their Gaming License. The Commission’s Background Department also conducts random criminal and credit history checks to ensure compliance with established licensing criteria.

The Santa Ysabel Gaming Commission Compliance Department monitors casino activities, observes customers, employees, transactions, and reporting requirements to ensure compliance with Federal, State and Tribal gaming laws and regulations. In addition, compliance agents investigate and report deficiencies or violations and conduct follow-up to ensure implementation of appropriate corrective action. Compliance Department personnel also monitor the movement, adjustment, and maintenance of the casino’s gambling resource supplies, including gambling devices, table games, security systems, and monetary transaction systems, to ensure regulatory compliance with all Federal, State, and Tribal gaming laws and regulations.

The Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel established Santa Ysabel Interactive and launched the I-gaming poker website Private Table at to offer Class II gaming to customers through Internet servers located on tribal lands. In offering online gaming through Santa Ysabel Interactive, the Tribe is exerting its sovereign right under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) to regulate and conduct Class II gaming from the tribe’s reservation. Class II gaming, as defined by IGRA, includes poker and bingo, but does not include slot-based games or house-banked games, such as blackjack. House-banked games and slot machines are defined as Class III games, and can only be offered in a tribal casino upon agreement with the state through a Tribal-State Gaming Compact. Santa Ysabel has had such a compact with the state since 2005, but has no plans to offer Class III gaming through its interactive website.

The Santa Ysabel Gaming Commission has enacted comprehensive regulations to facilitate regulatory oversight of the operations of Santa Ysabel Interactive. The basic foundation of these regulations is the same as those approved by the State of Delaware to regulate that state’s legal interactive gaming activity. The Santa Ysabel Gaming Commission developed a robust set of gaming regulations for ensuring the integrity of the gaming activity and to prevent unauthorized access of the website or corruption of the website. Santa Ysabel Interactive and the Santa Ysabel Gaming Commission have taken great care to address public agency and consumer concerns in the enterprise’s I-gaming platform by integrating substantial consumer protection strategies related to: age and location verification, safe and secure payment processing, protection of confidential player information, and responsible gambling resources, just to name a few.

For additonal information, please contact:
Dave Vialpando
(619) 888-2536


Santa Ysabel Gaming Commission

David Vialpando - Commission Chairman
Anthony Bucaro - Gaming/Compliance Agent
Michelle Maxcy - Background Investigator

Our Mission
The Santa Ysabel Gaming Commission is the primary regulatory agency enforcing the regulations of the Santa Ysabel Gaming Ordinance. The Gaming Commission will ensure the suitability of individuals seeking employment in the Tribe's gaming enterprises, provide for the safety of patrons and employees, and safeguard the integrity of gaming activity and the protection of Tribal assets.


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