Historically, the area surrounding the Santa Ysabel Valley was known by the Indian name “Ellykwanan.” The original inhabitants who lived in the Santa Ysabel village called themselves “Iipay,” “the People.” The Iipay are part of the larger Kumeyaay people that once populated much of the geographic area of present day San Diego County. The Iipay of “Ellykwanan” lived in the general vicinity of the Santa Ysabel Valley as well as the villages of Mataguay and San Felipe near S-2. The Iipay were governed by a “Kuseyaay” or “Captain” who managed the religious, political and economic life of the people as well as trade relations with other tribes.

The Santa Ysabel Patent to create the Reservation was signed by Executive Order on February 10, 1893 by Benjamin Harrison, then President of the United States. The villages of Ellykwanan, Mataguay, and San Felipe along with Tekemuk, —-, and —- would be combined to comprise Tracts 1, 2, and 3 of the Santa Ysabel Reservation and would make up the population of the Santa Ysabel Band of Mission (Diegueno) Indians, the name by which the Tribe is most commonly known.



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